Terms and Conditions

Reward Points and Cancellation Policy

2022 Program Exclusive Member Conditions

Points are not available as a gift card and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Cannot be used towards the purchase of Gift Cards or any series of service promotions. One time use only. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Redemption must be requested prior to booking an appointment.

Excludes last-minute specials, vouchers, and certificates

Packages and Services must be prepaid/paid in full prior to awarding points

Rewards Points are not awarded on sales taxes, gratuities or purchases paid with Rewards Points

All Offers and perks are non-transferable and available to members only, in 2022. These offers are subject to change without prior notice. Please note that perks are available to guests only by appointment. Envy Medi Spa reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at its discretion and without prior notice.


To participate in the Program and begin earning reward points, you must be a member in good standing at a Envy Medi Spa. You are not eligible to earn or use Rewards Points if your membership is suspended or terminated. Termination of your membership at any time will result in your Rewards Points being immediately forfeited. If you have neither earned any Reward Points nor redeemed any Reward Points for a period of one year or more, we reserve the right to forfeit your Rewards Points and terminate your participation in the Program without notice to you.

Cancellations and No Shows

In the case of cancellations of pre-booked services, the Reward Points awarded on such purchases shall be automatically deducted from the Member’s account at the time cancellation.

Twenty four hour advance notice is required on any appointment cancellation. Failure to do so will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the scheduled service, if prepaid a $25 rebooking charge will and/or Points deducted automatically.

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