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New to Envy Medi Spa "Power of Three"

Soprano Ice Platinum

Alma has created a Trio Clustered Diode Laser, a true break through in technology. Three combined wave lengths all in one single handpiece, making it the quintessential tool for the widest range of hair types and color including tanned skin, light hair and even fine hairs.

Soprano ICE Platinum has the combining benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths simultaneously targeting different parts within the hair follicle. The 3 main structural targets include the Bulge, Bulb and Papilla, delivering maximum results, quicker than ever before.

1064nm Provides deeper penetration for deeper follicles & darker skin types.

810nm Superior for most skin & hair types.

755nm Great for high absorption on deeper melanin & pigment.

Take action now to be summer ready!

PROMO: Limited Time

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